A Christian catechumenate
at St. Paul for adults who:
  • Are just starting to give the Christian faith a deeper look.
  • Are new believers eager to acquire a grounding in the Bible and theology.
  • Have been in the church for a while and yet feel ill-equipped to put words to their faith.
  • Came to the Lutheran Christian fold from a different background and want to finally get to the bottom of this Lutheran thing.
  • Never got a chance to be confirmed as a youth, or had a bad experience, or want to try again as a grown-up!
  • Are more experienced Christians still hungry to learn and willing to accompany those at an earlier point in their journey of faith.

Lent BASIC Annual Retreat
"Receiving God’s Grace through Word and Sacrament"
CLICK HERE to see pictures
from the March 16-17, 2012 retreat.
Start this Spring with . . .
Isaiah: Visions of Promise
April 23   -   May 21
In five sessions (Apr. 23 - May 21), we'll explore key themes of the Book of  Isaiah--the Old Testament prophet sometimes called the "Fifth Evangelist", in a group study that incorporates fine art, inductive Bible Study, and engaging teaching (via DVD) from the Rev. Dr. Jane O'Hara Shields, Director of Evangelical Mission in the New England Synod (ELCA), and the Rev. Eric Shafer, former Communications Director for the ELCA.

You can register for just this single unit of BASIC or enroll as an inquirer considering the full Spring 2014-Winter 2016 catechumenate process.  

There is no cost for the Isaiah course, but participants will want to have or borrow a Lutheran Study Bible.

    Register HERE for the Spring Session     or by dropping a registration card (found on the Welcome Table) in the offering plate or by the church office!

Future Units in BASIC 2013-2014 

  • Fall 2014: Prayer and the Christian Life
       Making Sense of the Christian Life
       by David Lose
  • Winter 2014-15: Intro to ChristianTheology:         Animate by Brian McClaren, Lillian Daniel,         Nadia Bolz-Weber, et al.
  • Spring 2015: New Testament: Gospel of Mark

The Basics on BASIC

What’s a catechumenate?
An ancient process, dating back to the second century, of becoming one with Christ and his church. Used by some to prepare for baptism and others to recommit to baptismal living, St. Paul’s catechumenate (from the word catechesis, which means teaching) in many ways resembles that period of intentional faith formation which for our youth we call “confirmation.”

Is BASIC an acronym for something?
Why, yes. It stands for Brothers And Sisters In Christ.
What exactly will I be learning?
Over the course of two years, in six units — two longer Fall units and four shorter Winter and Spring units (before and after Lent) — you’ll gain a BASIC competency in the overarching story of the Bible, Lutheranism, Prayer and other faith practices, Christian theology, and go more in depth in one Old Testament book and one New Testament Gospel.

Who will teach these classes?
St. Paul’s pastors, with support from lay catechists, will guide large group time (approx. 50min), but we’ll also be learning from each other through the friendships we develop in our small groups (approx. 40min, with new groups forming each unit).

What if I’m not sure about jumping into a two-year process?
BASIC is designed to be flexible. You can participate in a single unit without having committed to the whole. You can also enter the process at the start of any unit and still get all the BASICs, which are arranged in a two-year rotating cycle.
When does BASIC take place?   
Wednesday evenings from 6:45 - 8:15 pm
What about dinner? What about my kids and family?
Church Family Suppers are available every week from 6:00 - 6:45pm. Overlapping with BASIC are two youth groups focused on  service, team building, and praising God: KAMP for K-5th Graders and SPARK for 6th-8th Graders. Other adult ministries also taking place on Wednesday evenings include the St. Paul Choir and the
Jubilation Ringers (handbell choir).
How much does it cost?
Most units involve at least one coursebook ($15-25). All are encouraged to sponsor a Lutheran Study Bible for another catechumen. There is also a modest cost for a weekend retreat each year in Lent. Assistance is available for any who have need.
What happens at the end of the BASIC process?
On Pentecost Sunday each year catechumens who have completed the two-year process are given an opportunity to affirm their baptism and be “sent out” equipped to use their God-given gifts to love and serve. Some may continue into more advanced courses; others may serve as catechists for future classes of BASIC.

How do I register?
MORE QUESTIONS? Contact Pastor Mark Williamson
(mwilliamson.stpaul@sbcglobal.net) 630 668-5953) or any
member of St. Paul’s Adult Faith Formation Team.