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What is the Book of Faith Initiative?

The ELCA’s Book of Faith initiative invites you to open your Bible and join the conversation about Scripture and life. It aims to deepen our fluency in the first language of faith. It highlights the Lutheran understanding of the written Word in the context of the living Word and the spoken Word. It affirms a variety of ways to explore and appreciate Scripture and the language of faith.

The Book of Faith initiative will carry though the next four years. Through our participation in this renewal movement, St. Paul Church hopes to develop a richer and healthier appreciation for Scripture as part of daily life.

Open Scripture

Unlike other programs, Book of Faith does not rest on a specific course or resource. Rather, it aims simply to make folks feel more at home with and comfortable using the Bible and its language that expresses our faith. There are many ways to do this.

Join the conversation Book of Faith makes good use of the web and social networking. Start with the Book of Faith site.  Then for something new – and exciting – add your profile to the social networking site. To join the conversation about the Book of Faith you need to be registered on the website and/or be invited by a registered member.

"Read a talk by Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson on the state of biblical fluency in the ELCA"


Pastor Melody Eastman and Gayle Meskimen signing commitment of the Book of Faith

Rediscovering the Book of Faith session at St. Paul


Spread the word

Spread the word to leaders and members. Get them involved. They too can register at the Book of Faith site and join the conversation on the social networking site. Download logos to help with the promotion.